Reasons To Bring Your Kids Along To Paris

You have finally gotten the chance to visit your dream city Paris but wait you have kids, and you can’t leave them at home while you tour the famous town of love. Well, you don’t have to worry because you can bring them along. There are many things that your children can do or enjoy while in Paris some of which are,

The Eiffel Tower

You thought that the tower is only to be appreciated by adults alone, wrong. The kids can learn a thing or two and better yet get to climb about 600+ stairs to get to the top. That will mean something to remember for the kids. If for some reason they are unable to do that, then you can have a picnic at Champ de Mars.

The Cites Des Science

It is ideal for the kids even when the weather is not so favorable. There are two sections, one for the toddlers and the other for a bit older kids. Here the children find indoor activities of all sorts.

They can spend as much time there as long as you want. Before leaving you can go to the basement where you will find a free Aquarium. The kids can enjoy watching the fish swim.

You can watch a movie in the Geode as your kids are busy having fun.

If the weather is favorable then you can walk with the kids along the canal and head over to the free playground. Don’t forget to buy the kids some delicious ice cream on such days.

The Jardins

Here the kids can learn something new. They can enjoy the gardens as you tell them the history behind it. They can also watch the sailboats and later you can let them go to the playground so that they burn off some steam.

Take a river cruise

River Seine is ideal for a journey, take the kids on one boat and relax, as you watch the scenery.

The Catacombs

It would be suitable for much older kids and since it is dark, it would be an unforgettable experience for the kids. They will see some skeletons and have the real Halloween experience. Be sure that your child can handle it; otherwise, you will have to deal with the repercussions that may include therapist fees.

Bois de Boulogne

It is the same as a central park where there are a ton of activities that your kids can partake in.

The children get to mingle with some exotic birds and peacocks. You can hire a rowboat and go to Lac Inferieur where they can fish. There are also bikes to rent and ride there.

As you can see there are enough activities to keep your children entertained and busy when you take them to Paris, so don’t leave them at home.

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