How to Travel with Your Dog on an Airplane

If you plan to travel with your dog on a plane, the process can be costly and tasking. This article will help you to gauge the options available.

Pets in the Cabin

You can take your dog on the plane, under the seat in front of you. In some major airlines like Southwest and JetBlue, this is your only option as they don’t allow pets in the cargo hold at all. Some airlines have restrictions for first and business class seats on certain types of planes. You need to schedule your pets to travel with the airline 14 days in advance. This is because there are only a particular number of pets allowed per plane. The cost on most airlines varies between a hundred dollars to two hundred dollars to carry your dog in a plane. 

The main problem with this arrangement is that the dog may not be small enough to fit under the seat.

Service Animals

In some instances, service animals help blind people to move easily. These animals walk the blind to their seats conveniently by avoiding them bumping into other passengers. Service animals are always welcome in planes as they perform an important task on the plane.

Emotional Support Animals

Since the cost of taking a dog on the plane is high, some people register their pets as emotional support animals to avoid charges. This has been made easy by the emergence of online companies that sell you an ESA letter easily. Normally, you need a letter from a mental health professional indicating that the animal performs a necessary function for its owner.

Species Restriction for In-Cabin Animals

Since January 2018, United have been restricting Emotional Support Animals to dogs above four months of age. This restriction now applies to United, Delta, Alaska, and Spirit. These airlines will also require three forms. These are the vet certificate, a letter from a mental health professional, and a liability waiver from the pet’s owner, and a 48 hours’ notice before the presentation of the ESA letter.

Dog in the Cargo Hold

 Some planes have pressurized cargo holds that ensures the survival of pets. This requires early booking, as there are limited spaces. Different airlines will charge differently.

It is important to read through the above options to avoid bad outcomes that may spoil your travel experience.

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